DFID survey to decide future of development education programmes

The Department for International Development is developing a new approach to delivering development education in the UK. As part of this, it has created a survey, which will feed into the design of a new programme, starting in 2018.

DFID currently funds two development education programmes:

· Connecting Classrooms, which facilitates partnerships between UK schools and those in developing countries, and provides teacher training and materials on core “21st century” skills (digital literacy; critical thinking and problem solving; creativity and imagination; student leadership; collaboration and communication; and global citizenship); and
· Global Learning Programme, which aims to increase and improve the delivery of development education in UK state schools by providing teacher training and materials on global issues.

Both programmes come to an end in July 2018.

DFID says: "This provides us with the opportunity to examine both the content and delivery of development education in the UK, and source new ideas on how to ensure that the UK’s children are equipped to deal with the international challenges we face. To this end, we invite you to give us your views on the future of development education in the UK."

Participants are asked for their views on the content of global citizenship education, the best methodology, school partnerships, participation, delivery & design and research & evaluation.

The survey closes on 31 October. You can take part here.