Youth Voices in a Sustainable Democracy

Young people are often absent from the rooms where decisions are made. The average age of MSPs is 49 - for MPs, it’s 50. Whilst this doesn’t necessarily make them bad representatives, it does mean that they are less likely to be personally affected by the issues facing young people.

Youth Voices in a Sustainable Democracy

Young people straightforwardly have a very different experience when it comes to jobs, mental health, education, and many other issues, compared to the people representing them.

IDEAS are partnering with Project Scotland to provide a way for young people’s voices to be heard on these issues, and to speak directly to decision makers. We'll be working with 30 young volunteers over the course of 2019, to work together to generate and share ideas around the SDGs and how to make government more open for everyone. To apply, please get in touch with Project Scotland.

On Saturday 16th February, over thirty young change-makers from all across the central belt travelled to Aberdeen for the first of 5 sessions to inspire and equip young people with the tools they need to influence government reforms. The aims of the Youth Voice in Sustainable Democracy project include raising awareness of what open government means to young people and how complex issues can be tackled, referring to the Sustainable Development Goals.

The session enabled participants to share their passions and begin to form groups to take action. They were inspired to tell their stories with help from youth worker, Nick Toner who delivered an inspiring session on the tools to convey a call to action. We also welcomed Lea Oval from Young Friends of The Earth, an expert in designing and implementing campaigns for change. She equipped the young people with different models of campaigning and emphasised attention given to the wellbeing of campaigners, a lesson valued by all in the room.

The session was coordinated by Project Scotland, MDEC and WOSDEC and we now have an enthusiastic and globally literate cohort of young people working their way towards an exciting parliamentary event in December 2019.

"Had a fantastic time at the first #YouthVoiceScot workshop in Aberdeen at the weekend, super excited to see where this project leads over the rest of the year! Huge thanks to everybody involved in running a great opening day!"
Kelly MacKay