It is very important to IDEAS to keep exploring what difference global citizenship education makes in schools, to teachers and school leaders, children and young people, parents and communities. Research, evaluation and monitoring are a crucial part of this. Three important aspects of IDEAS work in this area are outlined below:


Understanding Impact

The IDEAS report Understanding the Impact of Global Citizenship Education – Using a Theory of Change Approach provides an overview of the range of impacts IDEAS members are working towards and discusses how best to approach their assessment. It focuses, in particular, on how global citizenship education affects teachers and pupils and how this relates to attainment. The Theory of Change that it is based around offers a forward-looking framework that will over time enable us to make the evidence for global citizenship education more accessible, approachable and coherent.

Education in a Global Space

This IDEAS publication brings together the work of 42 academics and other stakeholders to offer arrange of studies and perspectives that explore the contexts, purposes and impacts of global citizenship education in Scotland and further afield.

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Download Chapter 3.9: "They become completely involved." What Teachers Say About the Benefits of Global Citizenship in Schools, Miller et al (2010)

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