This page highlights the key elements of the current strong policy context for Global Citizenship education in Scotland. It also signposts information relating to EU policy in this area.


Scottish policy

Curriculum for Excellence

"Global citizenship is not an add-on to Curriculum for Excellence – it is central to it"
Mike Russell MSP, 2011, Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning

Global citizenship is embedded across the experiences and outcomes of Curriculum for Excellence and is a key cross-cutting theme.

Learning for Sustainability

Scottish pupils now have an entitlement to Learning for Sustainability (LfS), an umbrella term covering Global Citizenship, Sustainable Development Education and Outdoor Learning. Each practitioner and school leader must demonstrate LfS in their practice, and each establishment must have a robust and demonstrable whole school approach. Vision 2030+ is the concluding report of the LfS National Implementation group, documenting the progress made and setting out a vision for LfS through to 2030 and beyond.

GTCS Standards

IDEAS was represented on the GTCS Learning for Sustainability Advisory Group which supported the embedding of Learning for Sustainability across the current suite of standards as one of three key themes. Read more here.

How Good is Our School? Version 4

Learning for Sustainability is also a central theme within the current HMle framework HGIOS 4.

European Policy

CONCORD is the EU platform for Relief and Development NGOs. IDEAS currently represents the UK Development Education Network, on CONCORD’s HUB 4 which focuses on Global Citizenship Education and helps CONCORD to decide on what areas of it should focus on for its lobbying activity – including ensuring that Development Education and Awareness Raising (DEAR) funding continues.

In March 2018, CONCORD released a publication titled ‘Global Citizenship in Europe; how much do we care?’ which details the amount of spending on GCE across European countries and case studies about how GCE is implemented.

IDEAS is currently involved in Bridge 47 project, which aims to follow the good work of DEEEP (Development Education Exchange in Europe Project) and continue to push the boundaries of GCE beyond formal education and influence policies at national, European and Global levels.